Welcome to Windhoek IVF Clinic

At WINDHOEK IVF, we know how important it is for you to have your fertility treatment in a convenient location close to your home or work. Choosing a fertility clinic and specialist is a big decision and it’s important to go with the one that you trust and feel comfortable with.

You want to choose a specialist that will share this experience with you and is going to maximise your chance of taking home a healthy baby.

The WINDHOEK IVF clinic opened it’s doors in January 2017 and is situated at Mediclinic hospital, Windhoek. It make use of state of the art equipment in the IVF lab section. The personnel consist out of top quality professionals, surgeons and scientists.

We will be working in close relationship with the AE VITAS CLINIC in Cape Town, endorsing their ethical standards and protocols. www.evitas.co.za/why-choose-aevitas.html . With the input from AE VITAS, our patients will benefit from having access to the combined knowledge and expertise of the whole team for a collective opinion, so you can be assured we are exploring every possible option to help you conceive.